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Our business consulting services walk though the customer journey to help bridge the gaps between your value and the customer’s needs.


Our business consulting approach begins with focused curiosity about the core problem at stake and how that impacts your business and customers. To help define and provide context to the problem, we strongly believe in the power of customer empathy. Once we understand a customer’s journey, we can begin the internal and external advocacy process to drive mutual value and results. With our problem defined, we can then begin to form a pragmatic strategy to drive results.

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Kru Creative Business Consulting
Business Consulting with Kru Creative


Where feeling and need intersect is the point where creativity and creative assets can be most impactful. Armed with customer empathy we can objectively look at the opportunities for improvement. Our goal is to develop assets that communicate the right messages for the appropriate mediums at the right time. Through our business consulting we can develop consistent branding allowing our team to foster familiarity throughout the customer journey.

See how our team helped customers find their destination.

See how our team handled our client’s “starting lineup.”


Once our curiosity and creativity have been deployed the next step is a process of execution with continuous improvement in mind. We experiment with deployment ideas using our pre-established messaging and branding framework to find the most value for the creative assets. This is an ongoing process where we look at the data to leverage marketing automation and opportunities for improvement.  

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Kru Creative Business Consulting


What they say

From the moment we first engaged in their services, I was blown away by their expertise. Kru Creative possesses an in-depth knowledge of both traditional and digital marketing campaigns and uses cutting edge strategies to ensure optimal results for their clients.

Reliability is a crucial aspect of any business partnership, and Kru excels in this regard. They consistently deliver on their promises, meeting deadlines and providing first-class work. Their professionalism and commitment have earned my trust and loyalty.

Ethics are of utmost importance, and Kru operates with the highest level of integrity. Transparency and honesty are integral to their business philosophy.

What sets this team apart is their conscientiousness. They genuinely care about their clients’ success and go the extra mile to meet their needs.

KruCreative has played an instrumental role in helping our company pivot our marketing strategy post pandemic. The KruCreative team has exceeded all of our expectations and I would confidently recommend them to any business looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Cherie Boyles

Chief Operating Officer, PrepMatters

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