PROJECT: Destination College
CLIENT: PrepMatters
STUDIO: Kru Creative

The Problem: Our client needed to build awareness of their college education planning services to increase new clients to hit their revenue goals. Even though all of their clients were headed toward college admissions, only a small percentage chose to take advantage of their college educational planning packages. 

Our Process: As we do with all projects, we put our customer glasses to view it from their perspective. We learned that everyone who used their services was heading to college, but many needed clarification on the path to gain admission. We also observed that many parents needed to be educated on the changes to the college admissions landscape since they last applied. We also knew that a trip to send a kid home could be costly and that a travel gift card could be a great bonus with our services.

Our Solution: Because our client served a particular community, we wanted to tap into a concept that would resonate locally. The result was “Destination College.” We took inspiration from the DC Metro subway system and created a range of digital and print assets. We even made these cute little admission tickets :). 

We transformed their offices into destination stations, including maps and floor decals. For the video assets, we leveraged employee interviews and put our graphic branding into motion. Customers had something interesting to look at, and staff now had an enablement mechanism to speak about a little-known but highly relevant service. Those who signed up for a session with their team would receive a chance to win a $1,000 gift card.

The Result: We delivered a 40% increase in college educational planning leads to their sales teams—and built assets to be used throughout the year to bring awareness of their college educational planning services.

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