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You got 99 problems,
and growth is a BIG one.

Often teams face obstacles because their customer-facing communication is ineffective, outdated, bland, and/or unscalable, resulting in lost productivity and high opportunity cost. When communication gets in the way of growth, it is time to partner with our Kru Animation team. 

We partner with midsized businesses to deliver impactful growth-driven solutions through animated 2D and 3D assets. We believe in button-pushing problem-solving by leveraging the right mix of curiosity and creativity to explore your problem. With these insights, we craft compelling stories and visuals that result in funnel velocity, scalability, and time for your team to focus on growth drivers. 

Our Work

Motion / Animation

Four animated banners with the words san antonio - san antonio - san.
Kru Creative Animation - Case Study - howtomeasure
Kru Creative Animation - Case Study - howtomeasure2
Kru Creative Animation - An animated diagram illustrating the cam lock order.


How it works

We understand that our client’s investments are outcome driven. Our clients don’t need shapes, characters, or smooth transitions. They need results. For our clients, establishing customer connections serves as the foundation for growth. We leverage our diverse experiences and talent to craft creative assets for visual storytelling, providing the initial spark and fuel to keep the brand front of mind with customers. Our four-step process serves as our guide:


To begin our process, we spend time with our clients to understand the holistic nature of problems and how we can create solutions that address all stakeholders’ needs. We value questions over quick-twitch pitches during our initial conversations. Our team is fearless in asking difficult questions in pursuit of truth, which sometimes means letting clients know when we won’t be able to provide the solution. 

Our discovery process often involves talking to those at the intersection of commerce. We know the value of seeing the world through the target audience’s eyes. Our interviews are structured and documented so that we know who the message is for and why it is essential to them. 


We keep in mind that today’s buyers require strong visual engagement in all forms of communication, from social media, email, website, videos, presentations, and in-person experiences. How and where your customers interact with your brand is crucial for delivering concepts that hit the mark. We are also keenly aware of the modern-day “attention economy” and the juxtaposition with natural comfort in homogenous marketing outputs, resulting in your brand blending into a sea of ubiquity. Our goal is to challenge the traditional cycles and deliver fresh concepts.


Once we have worked through our initial concepts, we bring them to life through style frames. We incorporate your established brand look and feel and pair that with a fully designed version of the Storyboards & Animatic, showing exactly how the video will look from start to finish. Our clear project stage gates help continue project momentum and allow for clear communication throughout the process.


Great animation results from a robust process. We bring our clients from rough cut to fine cut, to final details, and to final draft. We involve our clients in each stage to be transparent in telling the story and establish the correct motion language. Frequently, animation projects fail because they do not include discovery, concept, and design to get to the “fun part” of animation, which results in costly changes and tension over project definition and expectations.

Our projects are fixed prices, not estimates. Our clients do not pay a dime more unless the request is more than what is outlined in Scope of Work and Schedule & Deliverables. Because of this, we are very specific about our scope and deliverables. Our early client interactions are far more about curiosity than attempting to arrive at a predetermined destination. We can only achieve fixed pricing by asking difficult questions and not assuming that every project is a correct mutual fit.


What they say

Kru Creative are intuitive, intelligent, talented storytellers who I’ve been very fortunate to know and work with over the years in one capacity or another. I admire their synergy and the excellent work they produce. AIHA/BGC (and the profession as a whole) will benefit from the “Be a Game Changer” educational tool that Kru helped bring to life.

Sue Marchese Lewis

Head of Strategic Communications, AIHA (former)

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