Conjured Munitions for B2B Quests

B2B marketers committed to eradicating mediocrity and capturing their rightful market share turn to Kru Creative’s design and animation team to help build their pipeline.

Quest Atlas

Noble Journeys

Motion / Animation

Illustration of a stylized solar system with colorful planets and stars on a yellow background, designed in a simple, child-like art style.
A hand holding a smartphone in the foreground, with an app interface overlaying a stylized, greyscale image of an ornate door, set against a dark blue background with abstract floating shapes.
Illustration of a man wearing headphones giving a thumbs up with speech bubbles displaying words "anticipate, recognize, evaluate, control", and smaller images of a man and woman thinking.
Promotional image featuring two female prepmatters tutors, laura carignani and sharon kim, with the u.s. capitol in the background.


What they say

Kru Creative are intuitive, intelligent, talented storytellers who I’ve been very fortunate to know and work with over the years in one capacity or another. I admire their synergy and the excellent work they produce. AIHA/BGC (and the profession as a whole) will benefit from the “Be a Game Changer” educational tool that Kru helped bring to life.

Sue Marchese Lewis

Head of Strategic Communications, AIHA (former)

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