PROJECT: Scalable Content
CLIENT: PrepMatters
STUDIO: Kru Creative

The Problem: Our client needed social media content focused on three content buckets: employee highlights, their local community, and customer testimonials. Because our client was in the educational space, the pedigree of their employees was essential to prospective clients. Additionally, they have been part of the Washington, DC, community for 25 years but have not mentioned it in their regular communications. And finally, they had some great customer testimonials to show prospective clients. With so much content, they needed to create compelling ways to highlight each area.

Our Process: To create scalable content, we first wanted to understand what was at the core of each content center to find themes we could expand on. 

 Employee Highlights: We dove into all of their employee bios to read more about their tutors and backgrounds. We discovered that each tutor had a tremendously impressive educational experience from prestigious universities, many of whom their clients would like to attend. Additionally, our client had a robust library of employee headshots that were taken 6 months prior.

Local Community: We wanted to highlight all of the local spots that their employees enjoyed for studying, coffee, lunch, and museums. Accordingly, we created a simple online form and sent out a survey to the team, which consolidated all their answers in a spreadsheet.

Customer Testimonials: We worked with their Director of Quality Assurance to gather customer testimonials and spoke with their sales team to understand what was most important to prospective clients who regularly call in.  

At each stage, we were looking for ways to access previously established libraries or how we could build them. The next challenge was creating content vehicles for each that could scale with consistent branding.

Adobe animation.

Our Solution:  For all three content areas, we approached them through the lens of design and animation templates so that we could deliver compelling visuals with consistent branding that could also vary slightly with each post. 

For all three areas, we developed simple templates built off of complex and dynamically coded animation systems. When we finished, we delivered simple templates with easy-to-use drop-downs that could provide months worth of content within a few clicks and renders. 

Employee Highlights: After seeing the roster of college names, the idea of starting lineups in sports came to mind. We developed a design style highlighting the company’s mission and demonstrating the “leading roster.” We leveraged the robust library of employee headshots and consolidated all the information into a CSV file, which our animation template referenced.

Local Community: To bring home the community feel, we incorporated various objects around the Greater Washington DC area (monuments, signs, etc….) into our design. We also used more casual/candid still frames of the staff interacting with one another from a previous video. Our template allowed us to change the following from the selection menus:

  • Staff featured
  • Topic (coffee, study places, etc..)
  • Name of the local establishment
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