PROJECT: Be a Game Changer: Level up on health and safety at work
STUDIO: Kru Creative

“We need a shorter and more creative video”

The Problem: The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) approached us about remaking an outdated video about the profession. The content and graphics were 11 years old. We needed to discover a way to capture the essence of the older project while updating the video and condensing the length by more than half. Like many industrial-based industries, the industrial hygiene profession is placing a particular influence on recruiting younger professionals. The revised video needed to capture themes relevant to a younger workforce.

Our Process: Before our first meeting, we watched the previous video to boil down the essence of the project. During our first meeting, we lined out our process and specific milestones over the next 12 weeks. Every two weeks, we would gather to review the project’s progress and decisions. Our team had deliverables due before each meeting.

A template for a project schedule.
This structure gave the client time for input and allowed us to focus on specific essential project elements. We successfully created space for creative imagination (i.e., working on flushing out the gamify experience) and allotted time to discuss how to approach diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the video. 

Our Solution: We developed a creative concept of visualizing health status like many younger folks have experienced in video games. Using this structure, we could articulate the acute and chronic consequences of worker health. We continued this theme to demonstrate the community impact as well. With the concept laid down, we could insert characters into the story to articulate how a young industrial hygienist would affect the employees and the broader community.

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