PROJECT: Versatile toolkits for brand awareness
STUDIO: Kru Creative

The Problem: Pursuing a healthy and varied membership compels trade associations to explore new recruitment avenues continuously. In response, ASAE partnered with Kru Creative to craft content that resonates with Gen Z to enhance brand awareness. The project focused on developing creative assets that could be effectively utilized across several platforms, allowing the organization to spotlight different elements of its membership, including member interviews.

Our Approach: In collaboration with ASAE leadership, our priority was to pinpoint what resonates with emerging young leaders and design a virtual platform that instantly highlights the benefits of ASAE membership while adhering to the brand’s established guidelines.

Opting to develop dynamic animation toolkits for their marketing teams emerged as the most effective strategy to leverage this opportunity within the allocated budget.

To bring these animations to life, we integrated our design, animation, and sound experts, aiming to welcome new members into the ASAE community seamlessly.

Our Deliverable: We successfully created a comprehensive suite of three animation toolkits:

Opening Sequence: 

We allowed ASAE to easily change the picture, text, and brand to adapt to the appropriate content and business unit.

Lower Thirds: 

These were meticulously designed to accommodate extensive titles and various post-nominals, ensuring clarity and recognition for every member.

Final Result

Equipped with an intuitive menu dropdown, ASAE’s in-house creative team can now effortlessly customize video content to align with specific topics and speakers. This strategic investment in a versatile toolkit empowers them to support recruitment campaigns for 2024 and beyond, optimizing their resources far more efficiently than with a single-use video asset.

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