PROJECT: Starting Lineup
CLIENT: PrepMatters
STUDIO: Kru Creative

The Problem: One of our client’s key differentiating factors was the depth and pedigree of their staff. They needed to demonstrate their quality because they offered a premium product. While they had a great about us section on their website, there was no easy way to demonstrate their value.

Our Process: After reviewing their staff bios, we quickly realized that all their staff had earned impressive degrees from respected institutions. Many of these institutions are the ones their clients were trying to gain admission to. Understanding that they had a wealth of talent with name recognition, we began to think of ways to tell the story. 

We tackled it by taking inspiration from modern sports lineups. We knew that their starting lineup deserved to shine and that if we highlighted them similarly to sports athletes, it would add to their credibility. We also understood that with some hard work and planning, we could easily create a templated system to iterate content for all their tutors.

Our Solution: We developed a compelling design concept and placed that on top of a complex system with a simple interface. Our team could now render out any team members through a simple drop-down menu selection. We utilized existing headshots and logos for our system to pull from.

The Result: We were able to build awareness and credibility of their service providers while providing relevant social media content to utilize throughout the year. Additionally, employees were proud to see their name “up in lights.” 


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