PROJECT: Kevin’s Story
STUDIO: Kru Creative

The Problem: Our client had a bottleneck in their sales funnel. While leads were coming in, they needed several days to book appointments, resulting in delayed revenue or lost customers. And previous efforts to solve this problem received significant organizational pushback. 

Our Process: We uncovered the problem while exploring their customer journey. Upon learning of the bottleneck, we arranged a time to understand the problem from the customer’s eyes. Within our first conversation, it was clear what the solution was, but changing the culture around this issue was the biggest challenge. 

Our Solution: After understanding the issue’s complexity, we immediately created a narrative through the customer’s eyes. We knew that once the team could see the negative impact this had on their clients, we could begin to drive change. We created two fictional characters (Janice and Kevin) and told their story step by step detailing their struggles.

The result: Armed with our story in hand, the client could use “Kevin’s Story” as a tool to drive organizational change and make a case for a new online calendar tool. As a result, same-day client bookings increased by over 300% within the first week. And they decreased onboarding time, resulting in high sales and increased cash flow. 

Kevin’s story provides a great example of the power of storytelling to capture the emotion and impact to drive change.

Kevin's Story Image
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