Kru Creative: Website Banner Animations

The Problem: When we refreshed our site in 2023, we needed a way to sew an animation thread throughout our website. Without fluid movement featured frequently on the site, clients would miss out on one of our core offerings. 

Our Process: We broke out the website banners into two service categories: 

  • Design and Consulting
  • Animation 

For the design and consulting services, we developed artwork that summarized each respective area. The design of these assets included enough elements to weave an exciting story within a looping animation. 

“Pushing Buttons, Solving Problems” is the tagline for our animation services. Accordingly, we worked with our team to imagine a world where various keystrokes manifested different outcomes. 

Our Solution:

With each new set of keystrokes, new outcomes are developed.

Design image for Kru creative.
Consulting image for Kru creative.
The logo for knu creative.

The Result: We delivered an engaging experience on each new site page. When many people speak with us for the first time, they often positively mention our website animations. Because of the planning and attention to design and story, our current and prospective clients understand our core value proposition succinctly.

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