PROJECT: Animated Manual
CLIENT: Thermo-Kool
STUDIO: Kru Creative

The Problem: ThermoKool manufactures walk-in coolers built at their Mississippi factory and assembled at their customers’ sites throughout the United States. Their end customers often used third-party contracted labor or their employees to assemble the walk-in coolers. While ThermoKool had a robust installation manual, the install teams often threw it away or ignored it completely. As a result, some installations would need help, requiring staff to spend hours on the phone or travel to the sites to fix the issues. 

An animated diagram illustrating the cam lock order.

Our Process: When ThermoKool approached us, we wanted to understand why these errors were occurring in the first place. During our initial meetings, we had members of the support teams explain a few of the key areas where installations went wrong. We boiled down these five main points from those conversations to fit within a video under 2 minutes and 30 seconds. We additionally poured through the installation manuals to see where a new person might get confused and referenced assembly footage for how we would simulate the installation panels. From there, we began our design process.

Our Solution: We developed a simple design style with enough movement to keep someone’s attention. We were aware that the core problem was the attention span of the installers in the first place. Therefore, we kept the emphasis on the visuals and text. 

The most important section was the cam lock order. To properly visualize these, we used 2.5 D to create a sample refrigerator model. Using different camera angles, we got into the point of view (POV) of the installer.

Results: ThermoKool has integrated this video as part of their customer onboarding process, reducing the time customer support staff spends on these nagging issues, resulting in increased efficiency for both the support staff and end customers.  

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