Kru Creative: Podcast Template

The Problem: Our co-founder, Kyle Krueger, has an extensive network of talented business professionals with diverse backgrounds. Instead of going the traditional podcast route, we produced an interview series focusing on concentrated knowledge that can be digested in under 90 seconds. We wanted to show our branding and value proposition through each interview subtly.

Our Process: After researching, we noticed that many companies were missing an opportunity to create brand awareness by creating a “sea of same” for their videos by just putting up the same image of two people and a split screen talking. We observed missed opportunities for the brand and the subject matter experts. Understanding the short attention spans of many viewers, we wanted to create a five-second animation to demonstrate what our agency does from start to finish. We also needed to introduce the subject matter expert visually. 

That exercise resulted in dynamic frames for the introduction and lower thirds. We developed these with templates to easily adjust the animation to accommodate each new guest. 

Our Solution: 

A light bulb with arrows pointing in different directions.
Two pictures of a man with headphones and a man with a mustache.

The Result: We developed internal tools using After Effects MOGRTs to bring into Premiere Pro, allowing us to integrate branding into our editing workflow. We cut our hours of production time for each edit and ensured that all of our content had consistent branding throughout.

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