In-house Project: Bringing podcast audio to life

The Inspiration: A few years ago, Kyle interviewed a memorable guest named Neil Samuels, who is a very accomplished business consultant for a podcast that Kyle co-created, co-hosted, and produced. After re-listening to the episode, he was inspired to bring Neil’s words to life as Neil recounted a memorable quote from E.O. Wilson. 

Our process: After a few rounds of audio edits, Kyle condensed the essence of Neil and the episode down to a short audio clip and broke his quote into four parts: 

Animation, Emotions
An animated image of a building showcasing the words medieval institutions on it.
Animated technology podcast.

Breaking these parts out allowed Kyle to bring light to their particular brilliance and provided a canvas for visual elaboration on the idea. Understanding that each concept differed, he blended the pictures through a consistent style and color palette. Additionally, Kyle mainly relied on match cuts for each transition to give the piece movement and surprise. 

Kyle utilized multiple sources for photography, including archives, which allowed him to spend time finding the correct, compelling, and exciting visuals. 

The Result: A short video repurposing the audio to tell a visual story. Additionally, this serves as a blueprint for creatively utilizing a small bit of audio and leveraging into something much bigger.

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