ASAE Event Promotion Case Study: Aligning hype with versatility

The Opportunity: ASAE’s annual conference is THE premiere event for association leadership. Past keynote speakers include big names such as Daymond John, Soledad O’Brien, and Safi Bahcall. For the 2024 conference, their keynote was accomplished poet lariat, Amanda Gorman. Our team needed to create the appropriate amount of “hype” and match that with versatile deliverables for their various earned and paid media campaigns.

Our Approach: In a collaborative effort, we delved into the theme of “In Unity, We Thrive.” ASAE, recognizing the importance of human-to-human relationships in America, designed a conference centered around togetherness. We were given a final frame to rest on consisting of multiple faces and needed to work backward from that point to craft a story within 15 seconds.

We quickly realized that abstractly walking through the individual-to-unity journey would be the best vehicle to convey the message. We leveraged texture treatments and shapes to communicate a sense of uniqueness within each individual as they came together for one large event.

The crescendo was all the individuals coming together to unite around the various keynote speakers and destination city.  

Our Deliverables: We delivered 15 assets off of 1 main concept to provide their marketing team enough assets to deploy within their campaign strategy:

Subject 16:9 format 9:16 format 9:16 IG safe zone format
Amanda Gorman x x x
Adam Kenzinger x x x
Choir! Choir! Choir! x x x
Cleveland x x x
All together* x x x

These various formats allowed the team to maximize the return on their investment by having assets for their websites, email campaigns, earned media, and paid media for various outlets.

Behind The Scenes: 

Equipped with an intuitive menu dropdown, ASAE’s in-house creative team can now effortlessly customize video content to align with specific topics and speakers. This strategic investment in a versatile toolkit empowers them to support recruitment campaigns for 2024 and beyond, optimizing their resources far more efficiently than with a single-use video asset.

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