Pragmatically Creative

Bespoke provisions for customer journeys

Your customers are searching for companies that understand them. Because every buying decision involves a range of different emotions. And where feeling and need intersect is where Kru Creative begins our work. 

Throughout each stage of your customers’ buying journey, your window of opportunity is limited. We are diligently curious and committed to gaining an understanding of the human elements involved at each buying stage.

Creative investments open the door toward human connection. Our team understands that creative assets must meet business objectives to become solid investments, so our team balances pragmatism and creativity for all of our client deliverables. 

Our team works from problem definition to concept to fully animated assets for deployment throughout your buying funnel. Our sales and marketing backgrounds give us a unique perspective and empathy for the issues many commercial teams face. We understand the organizational impact of a large scale and the look on a customer’s face when they connect with you and “get it.” 

We offer three core service offerings to deliver value for our clients: Animation, Graphic Design, and Consulting.



Kru Creative Animation

When your team needs to communicate ideas and concepts, animation is the best investment a business can make. Animation can walk customers and employees through a story in a concise, informative, and compelling manner within a short time. 

As consumer attention turns to our devices, animated creative assets gain importance and value. Modern teams use animation for videos, GIFs, in-app experiences, icons, and animated web elements to connect with their target audiences and drive results. Additionally, teams are turning toward animated assets for external and internal communication. Animation provides consistent messaging and scalability for traditional marketing messaging, sales enablement, employee benefits, and other critical internal communications.

Kru Creative has assembled a team with diverse skills to focus on problem definition, creative concepting, compelling design, and engaging motion. Our process includes workshops, storyboards, animatics, style frames, rough cuts, and finished assets. We deliver illustration, frame-by-frame, 2D, and 3D animated assets.

Graphic Design

Kru Creative Design

Companies that invest in design understand the power and value of clear visual communication. We now live in a design-forward world where customers regularly interact with visual communication from companies. 

We work to elevate the visuals for our clients above the low-resonating homogeneous hum of most markets. The most important takeaway that we can offer our clients is the importance of brand recognition and consistency. Because companies need to stand out in several mediums, we specialize in branding, web, app, and print design.

Our philosophy, at Kru Creative, is that clients should have input and transparency throughout the design process. We focus on the overall project goals, aesthetics, and brand guidelines to create compelling visuals that satisfy all stakeholders. Our goal is that our designs are not surprises but the results of a consultative, collaborative process.


Kru Creative Consulting

When businesses face growth challenges, bringing in an objective third party to view their problems differently is essential. Many clients’ growth challenges are not solved by a single creative asset or campaign but rather by an investment with a partner willing to facilitate conversations and ask hard questions in the pursuit of truth. 

As consultants, our philosophy is to seek truth and speak truth. When commercial pains exist, the potential for wasted time, money, and valuable emotional momentum grows. We work with clients to provide sales and marketing consulting services to fully define problems and uncover priorities that will drive results before diving into marketing campaigns and other creative deliverables. 

Depending on the problem, we conduct customer interviews, customer journey documentation, buyer personas, sales interviews, market research, competitor analysis, and market trends. Kru Creative believes in the power of incremental improvement and the value of long-term partnerships.

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